Why Choose SwoleFit Garage as your Rehab Trainer

Here at SwoleFit Garage, our aim is to bring your fitness back to the state you were in before the injury. Our rehab training is designed by our team of experienced sports physiotherapist. Additionally, our training will teach you how to develop safe and effective post rehabilitative exercises, keeping in mind the fact that you may still be recovering.

Doing rehab training on your own may create a risk of obtaining further injuries. Thus, with the help of our rehab trainer, it will be much easier to improve your current condition. This being said, all of our rehab trainers are highly qualified and fully committed to ensuring your swift and smooth recovery.

Rehab Training Benefits:

  • You will be given the opportunity to personalize your training to target specific movement faults and weaknesses
  • Professional link-up with our experienced sports physios
  • Back to pre-injury state
  • Enhances recovery process
  • Progressive exercises taught
  • Techniques to prevent future injuries

What is Rehab Training?

Going to the gym. Dashing around the basketball court. Walking your pet in a park. Doing your gardening. Often, we do not think the significant gift that we have to freely move, bend, throw, push, lift, stretch without limitations. However, with an injury, or illness, it can instantly take away those given abilities, and suddenly everyday activities seem to be an extraordinary task.

Rehabilitation (Rehab) is a step by step process of helping an individual to achieve the highest level of independence, function, and quality of life possible. To be clear, it does not undo or reverse damages caused by trauma, disease, but rather aid in restoring the individual to an optimal well-being, functioning and health. Successful rehab helps you to return in doing things that you love with people you love.

According to this article, a service finder company stated that rehab is often needed for:

  • A person who has been injured
  • A person had a stroke or spinal injury
  • A person had a major surgery
  • A person had a heart attack
  • A person had an illness, including a mental illness

The Role of Rehabilitation Training

Rehab can bring about significant benefit to the individual who is experiencing difficulties and restriction in his or her physical abilities. There is an increasing number of people in our society recognizing the importance of rehab following an injury, surgery, or even stroke. It addresses many challenges and issues faced by an individual. Some of the symptoms that rehab can help treat include weakness, spasticity, and resultant movement issues; dizziness, balance, and coordination difficulties; as well as changes in swallowing, speech, vision and cognition. Treating these symptoms is only the beginning. Limitations in movement and other abilities affect many aspects of our everyday life. Thus, with rehab training, it allows the individual to regain, or find methods to compensate for lost functions.

A clinic specialized in accidents, besides the physical benefits that rehab training brings to the individuals, it also creates psychological and lifestyle benefits.

Psychological Benefits:

  • Provides you with increased independence- returning you to your pre-injury state of mental well-being
  • Improves your self-confidence and ability to handle your illness/injury psychologically

Lifestyle Benefits:

  • Enables you to return to your routine exercises or sports activities
  • Allows you to return to work more quickly, so you can begin earning again and hence lessen your financial concerns
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