Metabolic Conditioning (MetCon)

Metabolic conditioning, also known as Metcon, is starting to gain attention from various fitness enthusiasts in the industry itself. Some perceive Metcon training as High-intensity interval training while others perceive it to be a series of calorie-burning circuit workouts that include equipment like kettlebells and medicine balls. Understanding what Metcon really means allows you to efficiently modify your current training methods and achieve the fitness goals you have set for yourself.

What is Metabolic Conditioning Class?

Metcon purely refers to the development of patterns in an individual’s work and rest periods to trigger a desirable reaction from his/her body.  These workouts usually involve the entire body, short periods of rest and are designed to push the limits of your body to build strength and endurance while getting toned. This desired reaction is typically to increase the productivity of the energy systems in our body.

Benefits of Metabolic Conditioning Classes

One huge benefit of attending a Metcon class is that calories can be burnt at a greater rate when your body’s energy systems are put under higher pressure. Metcon classes help you burn calories through this process named excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) where your body continues to work even while recovering. This means that your body gets more efficient in burning calories even after your workout is done!

Your body performs at different intensity levels depending on the individual’s work-to-rest ratios.

There are several models you may see in a Metcon class :

  • AMRAP: “As many rounds/reps as possible”. Work for the scheduled time. Complete the exercises as many times possible until the time is up!
  • EMOM: “Every minute on the minute’. Complete the prescribed exercises inside of each minute and rest for the remainder of the time. On every minute, begin again until the scheduled time is up!
  • Rounds: Complete the exercises in order for each round.
  • Intervals: Work and rest for the prescribed time.
  • Chipper: Complete the entire list of exercises,  respecting the total reps.