What can SwoleFit Garage offer?

If you are looking for a full-body workout that would help you achieve the fitness goals that you have set for yourself, you have come to the right place! Here at SwoleFit Garage, our result-driven trainers are dedicated to maximising your muscle-building potential and your time at our facilities.

Benefits of a Full Body Workout

You can do more in less time

The major benefit of full-body workouts is that lesser time commitment is required to perform them. If you are someone who has family or work commitments, it can be tough to visit the gym 4 days per week. Due to the nature of full-body workouts, more exercises can be accomplished within 2-3 days per week as compared to working one area of the body per workout. This provides more flexibility for you to manage other commitments in your life.

Increased Muscle Building

While working on a specific body area is essential for muscular hypertrophy, working them once a week is not efficient enough in increasing muscular gains. For someone who has limited time to exercise, the optimal way to build muscle is through full-body workouts. This is because full-body workouts put all of your muscles to work for 2-3 days per week which increases muscle growth for your body.

Faster Muscle Recovery Rate

Full-body workouts also carry the benefit of faster muscle recovery rate. One reason why many people do not experience progress after countless hours in the gym is mainly that they do not incorporate enough recovery time in between the workouts. With full-body workouts performed on a 3-day split during the week, you will get at least a day off in between workouts which ensures sufficient recovery time for your muscles.

Fat Loss

If you are looking to lose fat, full-body workouts actually provide fat loss benefits by stimulating a metabolic response from your body. Due to the marginally higher intensity that your body goes through during a full-body workout, extra calories and fats in your body are burnt during the process.

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Full body workout

When it comes to exercise, many have the misconception that it is all about abs and biceps that they should train to get fitter and healthier. While having ripped abs certainly makes you feel better, exercising is a lot more than that. Instead of focusing on only one aspect of your body, why not give full-body workouts a try to shake things up a little?

A full-body workout allows you to meet your fitness goals more efficiently by doing more with other areas of your body. Choosing the right full-body workout program is important if you want to make every second in the gym count and achieve visible body changing results.

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