Move Well, Live Well

Life should be lived in motion. Here at SwoleFit Garage, our quality fitness trainers are committed to help you move more, move better, and keep doing the things you love without pain.  Using our own experience and technical knowledge,  we customise safe training programmes to meet individualised fitness goals and improve the quality of your daily movements.  No matter where you are at in your training or rehab process, we can help you.

Daily Movements

Weight-lifting has always been misunderstood as injury-prone exercises.

Lack of mobility in a certain joint or segment of the body often derives from another joint or segment. The pain may stem from the hip, ankle, and/or foot experiencing some form of compensatory movement or restriction. For instance, tight hip flexors restricting hip mobility are usually related to lack of motor control through the trunk, resulting in the hip flexors taking up more strain and work than they should.

When weight-lifting, you’re squatting, you’re dead-lifting, you’re hip-hinging. In the process, you improve your upper back stability, overhead strength, shoulder stability, and pressing movement. You get to enhance a lot of functional movements with very few exercises. Have your cake and eat it too.

Strengthen the Mind

Strengthening the body strengthens the mind.  Body strengthening enhance’s your mind’s FOCUS and FLEXIBILITY.

Common behaviors, like hunching over the computer, can shorten some muscles. ]When you are stretching and building your muscles, you are building strong muscle fibers which would help you boost your metabolism and fitness levels. More importantly, while pumping those weighted-squats, you are also improving your circulation, increasing blood flow to your muscles. Having good blood circulation circulation can help protect you against a host of illnesses, improve your brain’s agility, and enhance your brain’s hardware for memory.Besides making memories stickier, our body strengthening exercises can help you improve your mind’s focus.

Providing Motivation

The coaches at Swolefit Garage will be there for you every step of the way in your fitness journey. Like you, we are still en-route our fitness journey. We may scream at you sometimes, but that is our way of saying “LOVE YOUR BODY”.

So, are we doing this or not?